Black Bird


Black Bird


Process: Natural, semi-washed

Location: Brazil, Sumatra Mandheling

Varietal: Ateng Djember, Catuai

 Elevation: 1100-1400 Meters

 Size: 12oz

This is our attempt at bridging the gap between that dark, robust cup we are all familiar with and the lighter, often times brighter cup. 

Black Bird is a blend of South American and Indonesian coffees roasted a bit darker than our single origin offerings.

While Black Bird is still far from a "dark roast," it has those dark, smokey, chocolate notes that dark roast lovers are looking for. However, it lacks the bitterness and dryness that most dark roasts have. 


Please note: All coffees are roasted to order. Our production days are Tuesday through Thursday. We ship every Friday. 

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