Precision in every cup...


Single Origin 

At Lift Coffee Roasters, we make it a priority to bring you Single Origin coffee. This means that we make direct connections with farmers in places like Nicaragua, Barundi, and Guatemala to ensure that our beans come from a single source (Single Origin)Single Origin coffee is more consistent and has a more recognizable taste than mass produced blends that often feature beans with different flavor profiles from all over the world. 


Micro-lots are a specifically harvested coffee with elevated levels of traceability, usually cared for with even more attention to detail. This specificity let's us dial in the flavors of the coffee so that you get a truly unique coffee experience, bursting with flavor. Whenever possible, we source our coffees from micro-lots and seek to celebrate each farmer's care and skill in growing excellent coffee for us to enjoy!


We wouldn't be Lift Coffee Roasters if we didn't roast our own coffee! Our Riverside, Chicago Avenue cafe is where our Head Roaster carefully roasts all coffees that reach our cafes and your home. Through a process of small test batches, cuppings, and precise roast record keeping, we find the perfect roast profile for each coffee. 


The final step in making a Lift cup of coffee is brewing. Using various pour over methods such as a kalita wave, chemex, and aeropress, our baristas pay special attention to every moment in the process to achieve the best final product out of our coffee.