Coffee Throwdown

As the sun set on Riverside last Saturday, April 8th, baristas all across Southern California joined at the Lift Coffee Roasters Riverside-Chicago Avenue cafe and roastery to compete in a throw down for the ages! There was craft beer from local Euryale Brewing Co. and mouth watering tacos from another local, The Celebrity Taco Guy!

It wasn't long before the throw down kicked off and everyone crowded around the bar, watching as cup after cup was presented to the judges, all while an eclectic "pump up" mix of songs from 50 Cent, ACDC, Journey and more rang through the cafe speakers-- an energetic switch up from the usual ambiance the Roastery normally has in its day time hours.

In the end, the final throw down was between Erik and Will, both from Coffee Code. While both presented exquisite craftsmanship in their final cups, Erik took home the pot and the winning title for the night's throw down. 

The night ended with a rockin' concert by local bands The Big Nothing, Typical Organ, Jeffrey Pettis, and Shimmer.

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