Lift Coffee Roasters: from seed to cup

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We've all been there: the anxious memory is seared into our subconscious for years to come. Doors opening into hipster wonderland, slowly approaching the counter, frantically searching the menu for something not too Starbucks-esque, thinking to ourselves, "Would I look cooler if I ordered that one drink I can't pronounce, but wait... I can't pronounce it??" (It's jih-brawl-ter, by the way).

Somehow, words were spoken to the barista and a few minutes later, still embarrassed, you've got some drink at your table called a Honey Cinnamon latte warming your fingertips. You didn't even know people put honey in coffee! Then you taste it and it's maybe just a little bit life-changing (too dramatic? taste one, then you tell me). Two days later you come back. You try something different and it's equally as delicious, then you continue going back, trying new things with every visit, venturing into the uncharted territory of pour overs and espresso neat, but it's all so good! Before you know it, you're hooked, not on the caffeine, but the tastes and smells and stories of these coffees (but, let's be real, we're all still very much hooked on the caffeine). 


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Stories: what we at Lift Coffee Roasters-- and every one of our specialty counterparts-- seek to tell. Thousands of miles away numerous farmers across the globe wake up each morning and labor over their coffee farms, monitoring soil content, watering trees, fighting pests and disease, painstakingly harvesting ripe coffee cherries, processing these cherries with precision, navigating government policies to sell and ship this coffee to the United States among many places.  Importers bring these green coffees in by the container and, in turn, sell to places like Lift. The story continues with accuracy and precision during the roasting process. Managers ensure baristas are properly trained so that every drink you receive tastes incredible and honors the work of the farmer. Each coffee tells the story of heart and passion; hard work and hardship; countless hours of experimentation; grit; generations of learning, failing, learning and improving. The best coffee in the world could arrive at Lift's doorstep, but if we fail to roast and brew and present that coffee to you well, then we fail that farmer and every single person along the supply chain, from seed to cup. Talk about serious pressure, am I right??? 




Let's return to your story. Go back in time to that first specialty coffee experience. Remember the thoughts you may have had, wondering why everything appeared so over-the-top, why unpronounceable menu items existed, why your latte cost a dollar more, why a pretty picture magically appeared in your latte, why cold brew looked like beer and why you were greeted so warmly by a total stranger who asked you how your day was going before asking what drink they could serve you. Every detail matters. Your drink tastes phenomenal each time because hundreds of people are paying attention to every detail, from seed to cup. Because of this attention to detail, the farmer's story becomes your story, and who doesn't want an excellent cup of coffee to be part of their story. 

-Lydia, Head Roaster at Lift Coffee Roasters