Featured Artists:

Each month we feature three new local artist at the Lift-Whittier Cafe. Interested in being featured, click the button below to apply!

Jonathan Reyes: born and raised in Whittier, CA.  

I have been drawing and painting ever since I was able to hold a paint brush. The freedom to create and bringing to life what inspires me, is why I do art.  My style of art is constantly growing and moving me in all types of directions.  I believe that the different changes and stages in my life correlates to what I am currently working on. Inspiration for me is captivated by the sound of the wind, the color of the sky and the feel of the moment. 

Rey Mora: Rey Mora is a figurative artist with extensive experience creating art using acrylics, chalk, pastel, oils, photography, and other mixed media. Rey is dedicated to creating meaningful artwork that promotes cultural appreciation and increases awareness of current issues affecting society. The source of inspiration for many of Rey's art pieces come from the cultural wealth the he has inherited. Rey was born in Los Angeles to parents that migrated from rural Mexico and was raised in a poor, working-class family with strong indigenous roots. Red was fortunate to apprentice with notable Chicano artist, Gilbert "Magu" Lujan where he learned a lot about himself, the Chicano Movement, and Chicano art. Altogether, Reu's life experiences, good and bad, formulate an endless bank of visual currency that he freely withdraws from to create the vast richness in his work. Rey lives in Whittier, Ca.

Alex Reyes: My name is Alex Reyes, I began drawing and writing short poems at an early age. I am greatful for my High School Counselor Mrs. Figueroa, that noticed my potential and guided me to the path to the Arts.This open doors for me to take part in Art Shows and Exhibits.That in return rewarded me with experience and multitude awards...Plus it paved the way for me to lead a Chicano Group of Students on painting a Wall Mural, at our High School.In the summer of 1976, I was also in charge of a group of my friends, on painting a Wall Mural at a local park in my neighborhood which still stands today.After Graduation, I was a student at Rio Hondo College, where I studied Graphic Design & Commercial Art Media. As I continue to grow and learn as a person, I find myself connected to my Mexican Cultural Heritage, where I can express freely my passion through my Art Work, a language where only the viewer can understand my vision.